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I’d like to drop my trousers to the Queen 
Every sensible child will know what this means 
The poor and the needy 
Are selfish and greedy on her terms 

Forgive me Morrissey for I have sinned.

I felt so ashamed of myself earlier. I was on the metro, on my way home for the weekend. I was listening to The Smiths as I usually do on there when suddenly it hit me: Jesus H. Christ Morrissey single handedly has the MOST smoothest, velvety, hell even creamy voice, I’ve ever heard. I’ve never thought to describe a voice as velvety or anything like that before, but man there’s no other way to describe Morrissey’s amazing soothing sound. It is absolutely unique and so fucking incredible and GOOOD!!!!
I’ve listened to The Smiths and Morrissey since I was born thanks to my dad regularly playing them around the house every weekend. On that note, I’ve always thought his voice was good, but it didn’t hit me just exactly how good it was until today.
Never again shall I listen to The Smiths/Morrissey with a blind ear. I’m only sorry it took me this long to figure it out.
But fuck man thank you Morrissey soo soo much for the incredible gift you’ve bestowed onto the world with your voice!


Mat Fraser is a gift (x)



I got to see Henry Rollins tonight. It was everything I expected. I’m thankful.



Ink n Iron, 2010


Famous “Flip Shot” of skater Chuck Burke taken during Stiff Little Fingers / Adolescents / DOA show at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, California, July 4, 1981. Used on cover of “American Hardcore” DVD, on the back of Wasted Youth’s “Reagan’s In” and countless fliers and fanzines.


'na volta si divertivano. (punto)

This photo just got even more fucking incredible to me now knowing it took place in my hometown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place used to be punk as fuck. What happened. Come back, 

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Girl On The Run by Honey Bane




claudia X revolutionaries of mexico

claudia, a single mother of emiliano (the baby in the belly named after emiliano zapata, the famous mexican revolutionary), is a political organizer, badass mother and a worker working for the revolution of our people.

our collaboration is a tribute to the fallen revolutionaries of and the resistance in mexico <3


Say Anything (1989)

Debating wether or not I should be John Cusack as Lloyd Dobbler for Halloween. Decisions. 

omfg hahahah

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The sainthood of Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan. Applique ink and paint on paper. On an abandoned church wall on Market Street between Church and 15th in San Francisco today, November 30, 2013. Signed “MissMe”.

So beautiful!

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