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I feel so inspired and in love with life. Like so many great things are going to happen. I can feel it. I’m soo excited!

I came to the beach alone today for the first time since moving here for college and it hit me: I did it. I’ve always wanted to live by the beach since I was little but I thought it was too far fetched so I let the notion go. When I got into high school I realized I could go to college by the beach and actually make it a reality. (Rest assured I also came for totally valid reasons such as the quality of education, opportunities, and all that great stuff so it wasn’t just because it was by the beach but that it just so happened it was a great school by the beach!) So I busted my butt for 4 years, in every class, in every way, stressed, cried, stayed up late, failed, succeeded, and tried to go the extra mile just so that I could make living by the beach a reality. And it just hit me right now, that I did it. All by myself, I accomplished my goal, and I can’t even begin to beleive it but I am so proud of myself. I actually did it. And I’m happy. I feel like I chose the right major for me and that I’m on the right path in life. Im so happy and proud of myself I want to cry. I can’t even describe it, I am so happy, and so fulfilled. It feels so right, and god I’m so happy. I am who I’m supposed to be. I can’t wait to spend more days here. I actually accomplished something I set out to, something that I only dreamed of 3 years ago. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine it becoming a reality. But I worked hard for it and it did happen. I’m here and it actually happened. I did it. I really did it.

First dorm selfie with the bae Henry.

Starting the day off yesterday with some Rollins Band.

I am the man from a human choke hold
I am the product of your restraint
Never once did I say no
I watched the years pass by me
My body is scarred by age
Never once did I complain
Now you get to taste my rage
Now I watch myself explode

From the wreckage of humiliation
I got my self respect
What the hell did you expect
I pulled myself together
When I see myself I see you
Everything that you did I do
When I see myself I see you

You should see the pain I go through
My flesh isn’t my flesh
I’m just like you
My blood isn’t my blood

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yes u


WHenever Henry Rollins goes on a tangent this days 

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this is tight

omg i swear i reblog this every week


Devil’s Fingers

The picture above is of a mushroom thats thought to be a specimen of Clathrus archeri right before its fingers open up. It closely resembles a hand coming out of the ground. It even has the remnants of its tattered sleeves attached to the wrist.